Hanging out with Family and some other stuff

10 Jun

Since the zoo on Wednesday, we’ve been busy catching up with my wife’s family.  On Thursday, we drove up to a city called Pittsburgh.  It’s about 40 minutes away from Oakland.  It is a very scenic and beautiful drive.  We’ve tried to capture the beauty of it all but we aren’t quite doing it justice.  It’s my belief that most people that live here don’t really realize how beautiful it is here.  Truthfully, I don’t think I really realized it when I lived here for 5 years.  If you haven’t checked out our photos be sure to take a minute to browse through them.

Friday we just kind of took some time to relax and catch up on some sleep.  It was pretty cool to take a midday nap with the girls.  But before all of that I got up to go on a secret mission to get my wife a smoothie or juice drink.  I drove to Berkeley where they have all of those types of places.  Guess the “hippies” were up late doing all of their activist stuff, because all of the juice places were closed! Lol

Saturday we were at the church we met at as kids with her Aunt Rose.  After church we went to her house in Hayward and just hung out talking and taking the kids to the park.  We were back over this morning (Sunday) because she cooks a big breakfast every week.

So as you can see we’ve just been hanging out with family and doing some other stuff.  My wife and I joked that we are acting like a bunch of tourists even though she grew up here and I spend a few years here as well.   But it has been so cool discovering new stuff.

If you decide to take a vacation out here I’d definitely go to Arizmendi Bakery, it has really good pizza.  If you can find Dick’s Donuts off of High Street it would be worth the trip.  Huge donuts.  The Oakland Zoo is also a nice trip, especially if you have kids.

Got some cool stuff planned for this week.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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