Blessed are the meek

30 Jun

I like to think that I am a fairly smart guy.  I know I’m not the smartest, but I do like to tell myself that I’m not the dullest tool in the toolbox.  Not too often have I felt like I am overwhelmed with a situation.  But trying to learn Thai is a very humbling experience.

It’s as if my whole being is in revolt.  My tongue doesn’t wish to form correctly, my mind wishes not to place the words in my long term memory…plainly put, my faculties are betraying me!

Gone is my pride.  Gone are the days where I was one of the smartest guys in the room. Gone are the times when I could fall back on my previous experience to get me through.  I am in a battle with myself and with the Thai language.  And right now, my defeat seems imminent.

Ok, so maybe I am being a bit over dramatic, but that is truthfully how I feel.  We have been in Thailand going on five days now and I know a whopping 5 words!

My constant consolation at this time is that the Bible declares a great promise for those that are humble (meek) (Matthew 5:5).

And all I have to do is learn Thai? I’ll make that trade every time.

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One response to “Blessed are the meek

  1. Mom

    July 2, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Aubrey looks beautiful in her new hat and with her pretty smile. Tell Ms.Raena that I love that top. As for Ms.”Go-GO” Dancer,Alayna,what got into her. She was really busting a move, She was putting that little man to shame. Is busting a move the right thing to say. Well as for getting that from Grandma,I think it is in the genes,Holy genes that is. You can’t help but praise Him and it has got to come out some way and I guess this is as good as any.Go Layna,Go Layna,Go Layna!!!!!!!!!!! Looking like those Granny Praise Dance Lessons are paying off and just think they were free!!!! Lots of Love. P.S if you take whatever price an item is in BAHT and multiply it by 3,you will get your price or very close to it. I don’t know if they charge tax,but you can go up a couple of cents and that will be your final price. Such as 70B times 3 (because $1=30B) is 2.10 without tax.100B=3.00 because 10 times 3 is 30(you drop the last zero and place your decimal pints where needed.;80B=2.40,etc. They made a grave mistake and showed me how to shop in yen while in Japan and that is the way that I did there and it worked.I would always round up to the next highest for taxes,such as 2.40,I would round to 3.00. Hope that helps,son. Love Mom


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