Funnier in Person

14 Jul

There have been some funny things that have occurred since we have been here.  These stories might be the kind that you would have had to have been here for but I’ll share them anyway and hope you get the picture.

1.  When we were staying at the guesthouse in Kanchanaburi, an European gentleman came to the front desk and tells the staff that his room doesn’t have any sheets.  She replies, “Yes, have blanket.”  He says, yes I have a blanket but I have no sheets.  She replies, “Yes, have blanket.”  Frustrated, he looks at me but all I can do is give him the “sorry pal, i’m new here too” look.  He tries to explain the situation another way to her.  He says, “my daughters have sheets in there room, but I don’t.”  She finally gets it and says, “your room doesn’t come with sheets.”  He and I are both dumbounded.  She goes on to explain that the room he is in is cheaper than the one his daughters are in.  In this particular room, sheets are not included.  At this point I start to laugh uncontrollably.   The man walks away confused and shaking his head.  lol  The lady, (her name is Noi, we became friends actually) ask me why I am laughing.  So I tell her that in America, all rooms come with sheets, no matter the price.     Her rebuttal for this was to tell me, “yes, but this room gets free breakfast.”  Now I totally loose it and begin to laugh even harder!  Now she is really confused.  I tell her, so you mean to tell me that I could have paid half of what I am paying now and gotten free breakfast each morning? and all I had to do was buy my own sheets?!

lol, priceless


2.  Nathan, Anthony, and myself were talking with the owner of the property that I am staying in and on.  He is a very important man in the area.  He has truly been a blessing to the project down here. I met him for the first time the other day and after some pleasant conversation (in Thai) he ask them something that they both burst out laughing really hard.  Anthony in fact is turning red from embarrassment.  I can tell that the question had something to do with my hair, but I can’t tell exactly what.  After a few minutes, because they were laughing so hard, they tell me what he said.  He was wondering why I cut all my hair off because it doesn’t look very handsome.  LOL  In America that would be very rude.  But in Thai it is quite normal to say.  Walking up to a person and saying “You look very fat” isn’t the taboo thing as it is in the states.  So what he was trying to say (I think) is that I should grow my hair out.  hahahahahaha, too funny


3.  Last one.  So learning the language here is difficult, but I try each day to pick up a word or two.  The thai language has like 40 or 50 alphabets and like 30 vowels.  I know right! Anyways one of the sounds is the ng sound.  Like in song.  But they use it at the beginning of words. So like the word for work is ngaan.  Sounds easy enough right.  Wrong.  When you think you are saying it correct you aren’t.  The other day I was trying to say a word with ng at the beginning and I look at Top (the owners son) for approval and say chai mai (right/correct?) He looks at me and with a straight face says. No.

Guess you would have had to have been there.  🙂

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One response to “Funnier in Person

  1. Mom

    July 16, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Adriel,do I have to put Thailand on the Letter someplace? otherwise,who knows where Kanchanaburi is? Who is Anthony? and that is very funny. Anyway,I think you are very cute and handsome and extremely lovable.((smile,but true). I guess we all could learn something from them about being open and honest. Maybe we would not have so many conflicts and wars. Let me know about the address,so I can get things in the mail.. I love hearing your voice. How are things coming with the farming? At least you don’t have to milk cows or clean stalls. Ha-Ha!!! Love and Kisses and Hugs. MOM


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