I hadnt planned on dying today…

07 Aug

Had to come to Bangkok to handle some visa issues.  After being given the run around for a few hours we finally got everything settled. (I think Raena will detail that adventure on her blog in the next day or so.) That’s not really important though.  The important thing is that I am blessed to be alive.  Bangkok drivers are out of control, off the chain, whatever clever saying you prefer.

The adventure started with us taking a van from Kanachaburi to Bangkok.  Our driver must have been training to be a professional because he was doing about 90 all the way.  I just prayed and went to sleep.  If I would have stayed awake I think I might have died from cardiac arrest.  I’m telling you we had so many near misses that I stopped counting. But a fairly good guess I think would be around the range of 63 or so.

Once we got off the van, we got into a taxi that wasn’t to be outdone.  The drive proceeded to turn up his favorite musical tunes and floored it.  I guess he figured that since he gets paid by the kilometer instead of by the minute that he would speed to all of his destinations and squeeze in an extra 20 fares or so.

After finishing at that place, it was into another taxi.  This driver thankfully didn’t speed, but she wasn’t in any rush to get anywhere…at all.  I think I saw a bicycle pass us while we were on the freeway.  It wasn’t all her fault though, traffic was CRAZY.  Perhaps my favorite part is when I realized that we were driving in a lane that really wasn’t a lane.

I guess that’s normal here.

Normal or not, I’m just happy to be alive.




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Posted by on August 7, 2012 in AJ's Adventures


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