End of class, Back to Work

03 Oct

After a month of intense medical classes, it is finally over. Not sure how much I will be able to retain, but it did open up a whole new world for me.  Lots of things that I’d like to research more and pass on to my little ones.  Knowing how the body works and how each part works with the other parts is a field of study that is almost inexhaustible, and very much overwhelming.  But to not attempt to share with them what I have learned would be to risk putting their very lives at stake.  And no I am not being over dramatic (for once in my life). 🙂

To celebrate we had a small dinner party.  Lots of fun.

Raena’s aunt, Rose, got a chance to hang out with everybody one last time before she left to go back home.  (Funny side note: She got online to print her boarding pass only to find out that they had changed the time of her flight by five hours…five hours earlier that is! Really Eva Air?  You couldn’t send an email or something?)

Since the class is over, it’s back to work for us.  Currently, we are prepping to build another living space. Fortunately, I didn’t come across any snakes.  Unfortunately, Nathan and Sri chi did!

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What are you gonna do?  It’s the jungles of Thailand. 🙂

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