Things I Still Find Weird, Funny, Different, and/or Crazy about Thailand Part I

01 Nov

So we have been in Thailand since June 24 and I have pretty much gotten used to most things.   But there are still some things that I have trouble wrapping my head around.  Such as…

1. U Turns On A Highway

Really?  How is this possible.  I mean I see it all the time, but I still can’t figure out how they are doing it.  How do you make a complete u-turn into oncoming traffic that is coming at least 70 mph?  How are there not at least 100 fatalities per day just because of this one crazy idea.  This would never fly in the states. Never.


2.  The Army Rides Scooters and Wears Slippers

Hahahahaha!  It really is as funny as it sounds.  The first time they showed up trying to look all serious and authoritative, it took everything in me not to laugh in their face.  I mean seriously though, how am I supposed to be intimidated when you pull up riding on the back of a scooter wearing a pair of slip ons! HAHAHAHA its funny just thinking about it!


3. Beetle Nut

Beetle Nut is a plant that many of the people in the country side chew.  It has addictive properties.  It is kind of like tobacco I guess, but worse.  This stuff discolors your teeth almost immediately.  It makes your mouth look like you have been eating candy of a certain color and your mouth is that color too.  It is by far one of the most disgusting habits I have ever come across.  It is really hard to carry on a conversation with someone eating beetle nut because all you can stare at is their mouth.  And I’m trying my hardest not to let my face make disgusted looks. In my mind I’m wondering to myself, “Do you own a mirror? You must not, because if you had one, you would see how Weird, Funny, and Crazy you look right now!”




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3 responses to “Things I Still Find Weird, Funny, Different, and/or Crazy about Thailand Part I

  1. Mom

    November 2, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    I didn’t know that they still chewed Beetle Nut. I thought that the product had been done away with. Yuck. I met a young lady at the school that is from Thailand. I forgot what province. She is senior and I was told by one of the teachers that she is one of the top artist in her country. I saw one of the pictures she did for someone at the school and it is absolutely marvelous. She said she has a studio at her house in Thailand. She said that she just usually gives them away. I guess someone talked her into putting 3 of them on ebay and she received 300 dollars each for them.I am hoping that she will do one for me. She states that she really hasn’t had the time to paint because of her studies. She is very sweet and of gentle soul. Hope she doesn’t get corrupted by American ways that she sees at the school. Love you and Hugs, MOM.

  2. Philly Phill

    November 2, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Thats amazing! I’ve done a few u-turns on a highway before, but not like that. We have medians for u-turns, lol. I would think that the police in slippers is hilarious, but I saw Kung-Fu Hustle and “the Beast” character was wearing slippers but his toad style put 2 top martial artists to shame. He even stopped a bullet while wearing slippers, actually I think they were flip-flops but thats close enough. So what does beetle nut actually taste like?

    • The Jones Family

      November 7, 2012 at 7:39 am

      Lol, i’m not sure, i think on a moral level it would be like me tasting beer or tobacco so you will have to do some research on that one. haha


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