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My Re-education

So you need to understand that I have never built anything in my entire life!  Not even the kids furniture when they were babies. My life for so long was books and computers.  Not to much working with my hands.  Since I’ve been here I’ve been learning a lot.  This is my re-education.

A big shout out to Brent for giving me vote of confidence to attempt this.  

I know, it ain’t pretty, but it works!!! The boy that stays here with us says it looks like a big termite or ant hill! lol  So here it is, the Ant/Termite 3000!

What do you think?


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Happy New Year!

The heat here has been pretty intense. Almost debilitating. One of the ladies we met here says that if you aren’t careful the sun can make you go crazy. She must be correct. Why? Because how else do you explain Songkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration. Songkran is a time where people just lose their minds for a few days. Its supposed to be a time to spend time with family and eat and exchange gifts, kind of like Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one. That doesnt sound to crazy right? Well its not, but the huge water fight and street party that erupts sometime in between is very much crazy. You can look up all the crazy videos on YouTube for yourself, but below is a link to a short video.

See what I mean? The heat can make you crazy.

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