All Quiet on the Eastern Front

29 May

I find it quite funny that many of the people who wish to keep up with our travels aren’t on Facebook.  Even funnier is that a few of them, got off off of Facebook around the same time that I back on.  So while those that are on Facebook know that I haven’t been kidnapped by rebels, tortured, and held for ransom, those that aren’t on FB begin to send me emails wondering if all is well.  Lol

Rest easy, all is well.  I generally tend to blog mostly for my mother so she can keep up with our activities.  Truth be told, I think most people, especially my mother, don’t really care about me and Raena as much as they are wanting to know if how the girls are doing.  One of my former coworkers last parting words to me were “you make sure you take care of those two beautiful babies or you will have to answer to me”, or something like that.

And so I’ll reword my previous statement…rest easy, all is well, the girls are fine, and we are two if you were wondering.  J

There hasn’t been too much going on around here really.  Just business as usual, most of which would bore you so I don’t bother telling you about it.  Of course we are still fighting the usual snakes, scorpions, centipedes, bees, stink bugs, mosquitoes, millions of flies, and basically anything else you can imagine.

English classes are in full swing.  However, our student count is down quite a bit from the previous enrollment.  I was curious as to why that was obviously, am I a horrible teacher?  Are the students scared of the tall skinny black guy?  Really, what’s going on here!  Well, as it turns out, it doesn’t have anything to do with me at all.  Lol  It’s the rainy season.  What I mean is the rainy season is almost here.  Where we are located, when the rain starts it makes it very difficult to reach us.  Students would have to travel down a muddy, partially flooded, dark road, on a scooter.  And depending on your class, you might have to do all of that in the dark.  Yeah, I guess I can see why our numbers fell.

Speaking of FB, I had an interesting conversation with an old student on FB last week.  She had mentioned something about her deodorant.  (Don’t ask)  It got me thinking about my own deodorant situation.   I brought a year’s worth of deodorant and razors with me before I came over.  I knew that they wouldn’t carry my brand.  If you are like me, you like to buy the same brands that you know and love.  Well, I’m down to my last deodorant and my last pack of razors.   L  The chances of me going without deodorant or without shaving are about as high as me gaining 5lbs next month.  What in the world am I going to do?!

My wife is trying to talk me into stop wearing deodorant and try some natural methods that people suggest online like baking soda or coconut oil.  She doesn’t like deodorant because it has aluminum in it and it has been suggested that that lead to cancer amongst other things.  Her solution?  She washes up like 50 times a day!  Oh, and she steals my deodorant on occasion in her weak moments.  Lol

I would have my mom ship me some deodorant but that’s kind of a waste of money.  It takes like $100 to send a 20lb package over here.  As it turns out, we found some natural deodorant in the store yesterday.  I am reluctant to try it until I have no other choice. But hopefully it works.  If not…well lets just hope my students don’t have good noses.

The razor situation is much more difficult.  I use a special kind of razor that doesn’t actually cut to the scalp.  So it gives the illusion that I am totally bald, when in fact there is the faintest layer of hair.  This is crucial because it drastically reduces the amount of razor bumps that I end up getting.  (Sorry, this post just turned into a segment about my personal hygiene.  I promise I’ll be done in a minute)

So now what do I do?  I haven’t quite figured out the answer to this one just yet?  If you have any solutions, feel free to let me know in the comments.  AND NO PHIL, I WILL NOT BE GROWING DREADS! J

Like I said, not to much going on here.  When the other family returns and I am no longer the man, we will be taking a small trip up to the north of Thailand. This trip will serve a couple of purposes, but I’ll let you know about that at a later time.

Keep us in prayer, we’ll do the same for you.


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2 responses to “All Quiet on the Eastern Front

  1. Philly Phill

    May 29, 2013 at 7:37 am

    alright alright, no dreads….your loss. Perhaps an afro then? Yeah, man a black teacher with an afro! Then during random moments of classtime you can pump your fist and say “power to the people!” and when a student says something correctly give him a “right on!” or when students act up “cut it out jive turkey!” Glad to hear you all are still alive but maybe not for long if you go without deodorant, lol. I’m sure it’ll work out in the end. *Tip* I shave under my arms because hair retains odor and moisture (not to mention it just looks and feels better) I’ve gone as long as 5 days (no shower) without odor providing activity was light to moderate and no heavy sweating. Perhaps it would help you last longer with no funk

    • The Jones Family

      June 4, 2013 at 3:46 pm

      no to the dreads and not to the fro! hey that’s a catchy slogan. lol not sure about the shaving the underarms, i did it once and didn’t like the way it felt. but that was many ions ago so ill give it a try and let you know.


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