Taking a Small Break

23 Jun

It’s been a while since we have been able to take a break.  We haven’t really been anywhere since we got back from our border run in Laos.  We have been here about a year and we still haven’t been to many of the different parts of Thailand.  I guess I always felt there was no need to rush since we would be here for a while.  Plus, it never seems like a good time to get away for an extended break.  There’s always something to do.  From teaching English classes, to killing snakes, to being Interim Director (inside joke), there is always something to keep you busy.  So since the calvary has come back, we’ve decided to take a well needed time away.  We are headed up north to check out Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.  (Yes, I know they rhyme)

Decided to stay the night in Bangkok before we head up the rest of the way.  When you have small kids it seems to work out much better like that .  On the way to Bangkok though, I found myself laughing about all the the things that are so different from back home.  Figured, I’d share just a couple with you.

1.  Back in the states all the white people (sorry, that sounds so crude, yet you’d know it wasn’t me writing it if I said Caucasian people, but I digress)  are trying to get darker.  Here, all the Thai’s are trying to get lighter.  They think pasty white is the point of perfection.  So much so that they sell whitening creams and ointments just so you can get lighter. So this one time I went looking to buy some lotion and got back only to have my wife laugh at me and ask, why did you buy whitening cream?  Then it all made sense why the lady at the counter was giving me such a crazy look when I bought it!  She must have been thinking, I’m sorry bro, this stuffs not going to work for you! lol

2. No matter how long I’ll live out of the states, I was born and raised American.  As such, I have no patience.  This is in direct opposition to the Thai way of life.  Everything is “Sabai Sabai”.  So for instance, if you take your car to the mechanic, don’t be surprised if you don’t get it back that week.  In fact you should probably expect not to get it back for at least two.

So a few weeks ago we were in town and needed to get a songtao.  It’s like a a small pickup with seats in the back that operates like a taxi.  Well, the guy asked us where we wanted to go and we agreed on the price (always ask the price first).  We get in but the driver doesn’t.  He’s hanging out like he’s waiting for more people. So we ask him what was going on.  He says, that he is going to wait for more people.  We ask him, how long does he plan on waiting.  He replies, “Well normally, I’ll leave around noon.”  REALLY!  DUDE!   IT’S 10 AM!!! YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO SIT IN THE BACK OF THIS PICKUP FOR 2 HOURS!!!

Only in Thailand.  lol  Until next time.


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