Time or Money?

28 Jul

Per the last post, you know that I have been looking to become gainfully employed again.  Truthfully, I didn’t like any of the options presented to me. The ones I did like, well, they weren’t being presented to me. lol

The fact of the matter is that I wish I could continue to work here in an environment that allows me to spend massive amounts of time with my family.  But those types of jobs don’t really exist…or do they?

In my search, I actually had several choices.

1. I can teach English in many countries, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, or China.

2. I can get a job back in the States.

3. I can find a job at an International school.

Each of these choices I wasn’t exactly thrilled with.  For starters, truth be told, I’m a little burned out on teaching.  There I said it.  Secondly, I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my time with the girls this past year.  Make no mistake, there has been lots of hard work this past year. But the ability to bring the girls with me or to take a break and go and see them, or spend an hour or two just hanging out with them in the middle of the day, has been better than great.

Saying all of that, this particular project is totally volunteer.  We had hoped to be able to stay here for a couple of years, but the finances say otherwise.  lol  (Don’t they always?)

I have had about 4 job offers for jobs here in Thailand that I haven’t even applied for. That’s how badly they need/want English speaking teachers here.

I really haven’t been pressing hard to go back to the States right now.  There’s no place like home, but it just wasn’t something I was really thinking about doing at this time.

International schools are great…if you can get in.  There are a ton of International schools.  A ton.  There can be anywhere from 1 to 20 in most countries. About 40 percent of them are UK schools.  They only want UK teachers.  About 20 percent are IB schools.  You need IB experience to get in.  The rest are American schools.  Some of the schools are a combination of all three curriculums.

Most schools start filling their positions for August in January.  Seeing that I didn’t start applying until May, you could say I got in the game a little late.  Also, I don’t have any international experience.  So that’s strike 2.

Making my situation harder is that I don’t want to move to a major city.  I’m all about the country.  The problem is that 80 percent of the schools are located, yep, you guessed it, in the city.  Strike 3.  lol

So where does that leave me?  Well, as I said, I’ve gotten offers from Thailand which I turned down.  I also have had a few offers from Poland and India, which I also passed on.  Amazingly, I still have two job offers in front of me.

One of them pays a lot of money, gives free housing, pays for electric, water and internet, pays for my flight there, offers small classes, and an opportunity to teach a really cool subject. (Global Perspectives and Research).

The other doesn’t pay much at all.  But it also offers free housing and utilities.  But what it also offers is the opportunity to continue to spend a large amount of time with my family.  Right now, that’s priceless.  Additionally, it allows me to still work in the ministry setting.

Time or money?

I think you know which one I am going to choose.

As soon as I get the final ok, I’ll let you in on where we are going next.  🙂


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