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So Much To Say

Finally, I am able to get on to my blog! I’m not sure if I am more excited about having access to the blog or actually having time to write something.  I could literally write for the next hour and still not cover everything that has gone on since we got here.  Let’s just say that it’s been so busy that I am taking my first day off since we got here, on the 27th.  And even still I feel like I need to work because there is just so much to do.  But even in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle, it is beyond cool to be able to walk 12 steps and see the girls. 

Speaking of which, they are having the time of their life here.  Our friend just accepted a job here as well and she has a little boy that the girls love playing with.  That plus another little boy and two other little girls, and they are in playmate heaven. 

Despite not having any furniture yet, we are settling in quite nicely.  It is amazing how much more comfortable the carpet feels than the mats in Thailand.  555 (that’s lol in thai) (actually, you pronounce 5 as ha, so 555 would be hahaha) Though there are many other things that I do miss about Thailand.  Strawberry drinks for one, but I digress.

Some of you might be wondering, like I was, what exactly a dean does.  It took me several days to come up with a good analogy but the best example I can give you is that of a pastor.  Many of you who are Christian and grew up in the church, probably at one time or another have wondered to yourself, “What does my pastor do besides preach? What else could he possibly have to do?”  I know people around here have asked me pretty much those same questions.  “What exactly does the dean do?” And all I can tell you is, you have no idea.  The funny part is that the guy that hired me, my boss, described the job as much less detailed and complex than what it is.  In fact, his exact words were, “mornings and nights are your busy time, but during the day there isn’t much to do.” 555555555 

Overall, things are going very well though.  Tennessee is a very beautiful place and we are enjoying the peace and serenity here.  A few cool things to tell you about before I go and try and get a decent nights sleep for the first time in a few days.  I basically haven’t slept more than a few hours since Thursday night. This past weekend the boys kept me up late all weekend out at the lodge for Purity Weekend.  Good times though.

So one of the cool things about this place is that I live about a mile from a different time zone.  Since the property is so big, some of the staff stay in a completely different time zone.  So they have to set their watches and clocks accordingly.  The Bible teacher here lives in a house that if he is on one side of the house it is one time zone, if he is on the other side then it is a different time zone.  To top it all off, he works here but also does Bible classes at a different church in the other time zone.  So he has to leave here at 4 to be there by 6 and leaves there at 7 and gets home at 9.  Thankfully that’s not my life.  I all ready have a hard enough time getting place on time.

Because I live on top of mountain, I assumed some things that just weren’t true. One of them being that at up on a mountain the flying pests would be less.  Nooo, not so.  I’ve seen horse flies in Arkansas but the ones here are massive.  They look like huge bees almost.  It’s crazy.  The gnats and mosquitoes have literally left small mounds on my arms.  They are vicious.   Additionally, you would think that the higher you are the better reception you get.  Nooo, not so.  Up on the mountain we get hardly any reception.  Ok, that’s being a bit liberal, I actually get no reception on the mountain…none.  Go figure. 







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