AJ’s Brain

Here are some of the videos and books that helped to shape my thinking.  Hope you enjoy them.  If you have anything that you think I should watch or read, please post a reply.

Videos:– one of the best documentaries ive ever seen. is youth ministry biblical. don’t know if they had permission to put this up, but it is. just don’t know for how long.– short video on the dangers of pharmaceuticals– a different look at college– testimony of how Dr. Veith went from being an evolutionist to a creationist– awesome documentary about video games. this is part two. part 1 is below– documentary about how one man has influenced so much of our society in regards to the sexual culture. very long, but worth it.– documentary about how life as we know it could change overnight– interview/testimony with the Forerunner 777 about his time in the NYC music industry– sermon that changed who I look at God– documentary on a woman thats been curing cancer for years– documentary about a boy researching the above video– kind of jumps around a little but looks at a little bit of everything all while tying it into the Bible. I really like the 50:40 mark.
Online Books
This is a good one called Here We Stand:  It’s kind of a response to everything going on in the church.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A History of what is going on in education.
The Bible in Education:A book written a long ago by A.T. Jones.
Country Living By Ellen White: Written a long time ago but still relevant and powerful.

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